Is PrEP something for you?

PrEP is an HIV medication that an HIV-negative person can take to avoid getting HIV. If you find that a condom does not always work for you, PrEP may be a good alternative.

Where can I get PrEP?

In Skåne you can get PrEP on prescription from the Dermatology Center for Sexual Health in Malmö and Dermatology Center Sexual Health in Helsingborg. Contact them if you are interested in starting treatment. The Public Health Authority believes that PrEP should be offered to people who are at high risk of getting HIV. It can be about men who have sex with men who have recently had one or more STIs. For those who travel to and have sex in different parts of the world where HIV is more common, have chemsex or sell sex. Next time you test for STIs - tell them that you are interested in PrEP.

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