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What is chemsex?

Chemsex is sex in combination with taking drugs in order to enhance the sexual experience.

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Is PrEP something for you?

PrEP is an HIV medication that an HIV-negative person can take to avoid getting HIV. If you find that a condom does not always work for you, PrEP may be a good alternative.

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What you need to know about mpox (monkeypox)

Mpox (monkeypox) is a virus that can be spread from animal to human, but also between people.

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Oral gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is transmitted via unprotected sex. The disease is easily transmitted. The infection can get into your genital, anal or throat.

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How much does a Hepatitis B vaccination cost?

It costs nothing at all. Region Skåne has decided to give hepatitis B vaccine to men who have sex with men living in Skåne, free of charge. You can also get a hepatitis A vaccination at the same time but at a cost.

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U = U: undetectable HIV = untransmittable HIV

If you're on treatment and have immeasurable virus levels, you cannot transmit HIV when having sex, even if a condom is not used. The safest thing you can do, if you want to avoid getting HIV yourself, is to have sex with somebody how have undetectable HIV.

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For those who are male and/or trans and have sex with men, there is RFSL's testing reminder. It is an SMS service where you can receive reminders by SMS when it is time to test yourself for HIV and STIs.

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Did you know that gonorrhea is increasing in Skåne?

Especially in the group of men who have sex with men! Gonorrhea is also increasing rapidly in the outside world. Reports are coming in from popular destinations around Scandinavia, Europe and the rest of the world. It can be a good ide to consider testing yourself.

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How do I find the right condom size?

The best way is trying various options. Each cock is different from the other so be prepared with a few different sizes. Why not order our mix package with four different condoms, free quick and easy.

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