Help us develop our organization!

RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne is currently conducting an evaluation of the organization with the help of the company Sweco.

If you are a man who have sex with men or if you are a trans person

The purpose is to review the work of the organization and evaluate if the needs of the target group is being met. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how our visitors experience the business, we at Sweco would like to get in touch with you. If you are a man who has sex with men or if you are a trans person and would like to answer some short questions about your experience of having contact with RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne or CheckPoint Skåne - send an email to the address below!

It is enough that you have had some contact with any part of our organization, and it does not matter if it has been through CheckPoint, condom distribution or counseling.

Tora Färnström
[email protected] Looking forward to hear from you!

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